Kimberly Juniors is an instructional organization, however, you will see the KJ’s in uniform reaching the community in different capacities throughout the year. Annually the Kimberly Juniors participate in the Kimberly Crest “Princess at the Castle” event in which young girls from age 3-10 arrive dressed in their finest Princess outfit. The Kimberly Juniors read, dance, face paint and entertain even the littlest of princesses with a final Proclamation where all of the attendees are presented, hand in hand with a KJ, as they are proclaimed a royal princess.

In keeping a connection with their founders the Kimberly Juniors enjoy the time that they spend at Kimberly Crest. Along with “Princess at the Castle,” the KJs annually assist in serving “Tea on the Terrace” each May. They have served Mrs. Shirks favored ginger cookies and cider at the” Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony” as well as participated in “Knights at the Castle” and the “Teddy Bear Tea.”

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December is a busy month for all, including high school girls, yet you will find the KJs, in uniform, on a given Saturday in December shopping for Family Services of Redlands Toy Shop. They put energy and thought into each purchase to make the holiday a little more special for many children.

You may even get a glimpse of a Kimberly Junior at the Redlands Bowl, in the summertime as an usher, or on a float in either the 4th of July or Christmas parade.   Most recently, they served at the 125th celebration of the Contemporary Club.